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  • Cajun Jam Sessions at various locations. Dancers and listeners welcome. To get on the mailing list and for questions, email Katherine.

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3rd Friday Dance & Gator Boy's Birthday Bash!
Fri, May.15 | Gator Boy's Juke Joint
Gator Boy's Juke Joint (every 3rd Friday!) live via Zoom, 6:30-8:30pm. Spotify playlist here. Gather to listen to great music, move your body, and connect with friends. RSVP FB event to help spread the good word and find link details and/or just click here for Zoom link and let's party! 3rd Friday dances continue with blues, swing, zydeco, Cajun, Country, waltz, cha cha cha and more with your host, the Gator Boy, spinning tunes from far and wide to pleasure your dancing. Yeah, you right! Full bar, great dance floor, everyone welcome! All ages 'til 10pm. Like our Gator Boy Productions page on FB and get all the latest news along with dance and music videos and other cool content.

Louisiana Musicians Live!
May 15-17 | Cyber Swamp Fest
Cyber Swamp Fest is brought to you by The Swamp in the City Festival, presenting a fundraiser for Louisiana musicians (the in-person festival has been rescheduled for November 20-22). You can participate in musical workshops via Zoom and enjoy live concerts streamed Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from Jalopy's Facebook Live page! Live performances with Jeffrey Broussard & the Creole Cowboys T'Monde Pine Leaf Duo Cedric Watson Blake Miller & the Old Fashioned Aces Twin Fiddle Extravaganza with Mitch Reed & Kevin Wimmer. Online workshops include: Cajun Fiddle with Joel Savoy Creole Fiddle with Mitch Reed Accordion with Wilson Savoy Cajun Rhythm Guitar with Kelli Jones Cajun Fiddle (Original Tune!) with Blake Miller Blues Fiddle with Kevin Wimmer Cajun Bass with Trey Boudreaux Rhythm with Desiree Champagne Cajun singing with Kelli Jones. More info.

It's back! It's virtual!
Upcoming... | Gator Yoga
Coming again soon...Gator Yoga! Warm up, stretch, and enliven your body while working on flexibility, balance, strength, and movement. Everyone is welcome to come get centered, get loose, and get happy!
"Gator Yoga is a recipe for dancing from the inside out. Start with easy stretching and deep breathing. Add balanced movement...slowly building in intensity and complexity to groove-you music. Then, students move on their own, free-form style and dance becomes a body prayer. I love this class. It is a joy to my body and my spirit." -- Judith Ryan
No obligation, though should you wish to contribute: Paypal paypal.me/thegatorboy or Venmo Sean Donovan @thegatorboy.

July 2-5 | Waterfront Blues Festival
Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, OR, has been cancelled. More info and ticket refunds link here.

July 17-19 | Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival
Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival in Winthrop, WA, has been cancelled. More info and ticket refunds link here.

Live from Louisiana!
Sat, Sep.19, 2020 | BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet + Terrance Simien & the Zydeco Experience
Rescheduled from original April 18 date, Edmonds Center for the Arts, 7:30-9:30pm, $19-$54. Details & tix here.

3. DANCES & EVENTS (Northwest) top


          Portland, OR Wednesdays
Cascade Zydeco's Weekly Zydeco Lesson and CD dance; check their website for location and times.
          Portland, OR 1st Friday Roland and Janine host a "Zydeco Social" at Viscount Dance Studios, 7:30-10:30pm, $5. Dance lesson and a nice relaxed evening of zydeco dancing. Roland and Janine are happy to offer assistance if you want to work on your styling.
         Vancouver, WA Sundays Zydeco at Dodge City Bar & Grill, hosted by Penny and Phil 7-9pm. All ages.

4. DANCES & EVENTS (National) top

Also, see links to other Cajun/Zydeco calendars around the nation.



Gator Boy Productions
Ongoing classes and private lessons with the Gator Boy! Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Country, Swing, Waltz and more. Click here for more info.

Lykes to Dance (MaryLee Lykes, 425.678.8300)
Classes ongoing with MaryLee Lykes, a Seattle icon and dancer extraordinaire!

For additional local Cajun/Zydeco information, see the Gator Boy's HOT LINKS


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