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Sean Patrick Donovan loves music and dance, and is passionate about teaching dance and helping others find sheer joy in movement. Positive and playful, Sean creatively communicates the essence of dance and its power to delight and transform us.

Since 1999, Sean has danced and taught in Seattle and around the country, and began teaching with Northwest Dance in 2004. In addition to Swing (his first love) and Zydeco (a passion which prompted numerous learning expeditions to Louisiana and Texas), he happily teaches a variety of other styles, including Waltz, Blues, Whiskey River Jitterbug, Country Two-step, and Cha Cha Cha. Sean’s emphasis is on solid basics, fluidity, and finding that elemental connection – to ourselves, the music, and to our partner – that makes for completely spontaneous, ecstatic dancing.

Also catch Sean on the radio at KBCS 91.3 FM (online at kbcs.fm) where he hosts the weekly music show "The Outskirts" Fridays from noon-3pm.

To inquire about private or group lessons and ongoing classes and events, email Sean or call 206.860.8714.

"One of the best dances I've EVER had in my LIFE was with Sean...it was challenging and fun and one of the best connections I've ever had while dancing... It was as good as it gets. If I could dance like that with everybody, I'd never stop dancing." -- Sheryl Gallop (Huntsville, AL)



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